About us

EKR’s history began when East Kent Radio Limited was formed to apply for the re-advertisement of the east Kent licence in October 1994, which was held by Invicta Radio Limited.

Keen on promoting Digital Radio (DAB) From October 1997 to January 1999 we ran an experimental radio service on the Astra satellite from The Maidstone Studios under the call sign of “ EKR ” and “ Night Tracks ”. The station was also broadcast with local programming opt-outs and commercials on a one-month trial FM broadcast to Maidstone in October 1997 and to London during January 1998. It could also be received on the experimental digital radio (DAB) multiplex across London . This provided us with valuable audience research and operational experience.

Into the millennium we continued to lobby the UK Regulators for Ashford, Kent in the UK and the surrounding areas to be included in the new licensing programme, EKR Ashford was born. The licence advertisement and application procedure was submitted in July 2004, and was won by another applicant. Undeterred EKR went online in June 2008 with four themed Rockstreams and continues to do so while promoting new UK DAB services. Our motivation and incentive has always been to give new and unsigned Rock Bands a chance and opportunity to promote themselves on our Rock Radio Platform.



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